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Show business

Mohammed Ali Shehki

Shehki shines

By Anis Shakur

Aik he naam kay kitnay chehray, chehray yaad rakhoon ya naam

The choices we make and the lives we lead are driven by the values we hold

The above statement holds true to the popular singer, Mohammed Ali Shehki. Though Shehki was born in Iran but he lived most of his life in Pakistan.

Shehki studied engineering in NED University Karachi, Pakistan. Later, he made a career as an aviation engineer.

Shehki’s immense love of music took him to the forefront of the Pakistani show business. Sohail Rana conducted an audition for Karachi television station in 1973. Numerous boys and girls including Shehki participated in that audition. In fact, Shehki was Sohail Rana’s first choice because Shehki came out number one in the test.

Shehki’s debut song was ‘Sambhal, sambhal kar chalna hai.’ Music composer, Sohail Rana, the song was recorded for Karachi television station’s program, ‘Naghma zaar.’ Blessed with a magnificent voice and trained in music by Sohail Rana, Shehki soon achieved renown.

Shehki lent his voice to Sehba Akhtar’s national song, ‘Mein bhee Pakistan hoon, tu bhee Pakistan hai.’ Music composer, Sohail Rana.

The language of music learned early can provide a lifelong source of kinship, celebration and comfort. Another national song in Shehki’s voice is, ‘Aye watan.’ Music composer, Sohail Rana.

We have inherited a rich musical legacy, which our children, who are our future audiences, deserve to experience. The song below in particular:

‘Meray bachhpan kay din, kitnay pyaray wo din.’ Duet, Shehki- Afshan Ahmed. The song was recorded for Karachi television station’s program, ‘Rang tarang.’ Music composer, Sohail Rana, program producer, Saira Kazmi.

Shehki teamed up with Alan Faqeer to record this superfluous song, ‘Teray ishq mein jo doob gaya, usay duniya ki nazroan say darna kya, Allah, Allah, kar bhiya, Allah he say dar bhiya.’

Similarly, songs like this has sparked hope in innumerable music buffs, ‘Meri Aankhoan say is duniya ko deikho, phir jo chaho to chali jana.’

The transporting power of love and gentility were successfully captured in this song, ‘Jab say Aaya meray hoantoan pay.’

Shehki, the illustrious television and stage singer, also sang this superb song, ‘Tum ko Aata hai pyar pay ghussa.’ Music composer, Sohail Rana, the 1986 film ‘Hesaab.’ This song was separately recorded in Habib Wali Mohammed’s voice as well. Incidentally, ‘Hesaab,’ also happened to be his 24th full-length feature film while he was preparing to migrate to Canada. I believe Mr. Rana is working on plans of a come back to films once again. .

Shehki also had substantial supporting roles in his debut film ‘Son of undata,’ in 1987 and the 1988 film, ‘Choraon ka badshah.’

Shehki has not been in the limelight for quite sometime. It is high time we recognize our budding music talents of today so that we will not neglect our Shehki’s of tomorrow.
The End

Our beloved Pakistan