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Pakistani cinema


Naghma: Lady who made a difference
By Anis Shakur

One person can make a difference and every person should try.
Let us see what difference Naghma made in the Pakistani film industry.
Naghma the legend was indeed, the discovery of Pakistan's visionary film director, Shabab Kiranvi.
She arrived at the movie scene, already a dazzling presence, with equally dazzling talents.
Naghma, who used to be known as 'Queen of Punjabi films' in her time, debuted in the film 'Chaudhry', in 1962.
'Chaudhry' was released under the banner of popular films and directed by Muzaffar Tahir. With that, commenced a career that had not ended until last year.
Relatively speaking, she is quite senior in the sense that actresses like Firdous, Anjuman, Aaliya and Mumtaz launched their movie careers after Naghma.
One reason among many for her rapid rise in the Punjabi films was that Naghma quickly transformed herself to the environment needed for such movies.
Additionally, her mastery over Punjabi language, her flawless dialogues and her costumes made her an ideal representative of the Punjabi culture.
That made a lot of difference in the Pakistani movies of that era.
Regarding heroines, Naghma happened to be the third lead actress, after Bahar and Deeba.
Two years later, in 1964, she became a star with the release of the super hit Punjabi film, 'Hath jori'. Director, Aslam Irani. Naghma played the lead romantic character opposite actor Akmal.
Cine-goers had seldom seen a movie that had so surpassed their expectations.
She made her lucky strike in the film 'Khan daan', in 1964 and comfortably played the lead romantic role opposite Mohammad Ali. Directed by Riaz Ahmed.
'Khan daan' is one movie among many that is well worth remembering.
Likewise, in the same year, Naghma appeared as lead actress opposite Waheed Murad in the film 'Mamta', directed by Qadeer Ghauri.
The public gravitates to all her movies, so as to have a glimpse of Naghma, the star.
Gorgeous and glamorous Naghma was the heroine opposite actor- comedian, Nazar in the film 'Inspector'.
She played the lead romantic role opposite actor Asad Bukhari in the film 'Ik perdaisi ik mutyaar'.
It is the loving presence and voice of Naghma herself that keeps the movie humming-she has been a magnificent performer and a very likeable actress.
She worked in the film 'Sassi Punnu', released on July 26, 1968, under the banner of Habib films. Cast included Naghma- Iqbal Hasan- Zeenat- Aaliya- Munawwar Zareef- Mazhar Shah. Producer- Director, Riaz Ahmed, music, Rehman Verma.
She appeared as supporting actress in the film 'Daachi' and 'Baaghi sipahe'.
The film always has been Naghma's home ground. The directors cast her in the unerringly smart movies like the three below, in which she appeared as lead actress:
The film 'Pilpili saheb', Naghma- Akmal, director, Aslam Irani.

'Bhariya mela', Naghma- Akmal, director, Aslam Irani.

'Muqabila', Naghma- Akmal, director, Aslam Irani.
Below are three absorbing two and a half hour movies, which did exemplify her style on-screen. She worked as heroine opposite Habib, directed by Aslam Irani:
'Babul da wehra', 'Mela do din da', 'Lungotia'.
She was paired on occasions with Habib and Akmal as mentioned in the above six films.
Those were amazing days, when Naghma worked in family- friendly movies, fraught with enriched lyrics.
No one got tired talking or bored listening to anything involved with those projects.
Below are three standout movies:
She appeared as lead actress opposite Aijaz in Rangeela's first and most successful Urdu film, 'Diya aur tufaan'.
Its profoundly moving story and visual beauty is definitely worth watching.
Director Shabab Kiranvi's hit movie 'Mehtaab'.
Naghma appeared as supporting actress opposite side hero, Roshan, in director Shabab Kiranvi's hit film 'Maan kay Aansu'.
The four films below proves an enjoyable and sharp surprise to the movie goers, when it comes to Naghma's understanding of her various characters:
She appeared as supporting actress in the films 'Neelaam', 'Sameera', 'Baraat', and 'Saazish'.
Naghma enjoys perfect health and very recently, she was still in great shape.
She worked in one hundred plus movies in her eventful movie career.
That included both her lead and side roles.
Her artistry is evident perhaps no where more so than in the six movies below:
'Doli' directed by Haider Chaudhry, Naghma- Akmal played the lead roles.
'Jigri yaar', director Iftikhar Khan, Naghma- Ajmal worked as lead artists.
'Dilaan day sauday', 'Mukhra chanwarga', 'Teray Ishq nachaya.'
'Anwara', directed by Khalifa Saeed.
She worked in movies in the spirit of those days gone by. The absolute admiration of her fans for her is worth applauding.
Additionally, her role was fabulous in the six films below and Naghma began a new era of success in her career:
'Khan chacha', 'Sultan', 'Aasoo billa', 'Charhda suraj'.
The golden jubilee film 'Mastana mahi', 1971, director, Iftikhar Khan, cast included, Naghma- Waheed Murad- Aaliya- Saqi.
'Sarachay sardaraan day', Naghma- Iqbal Hasan played the lead roles.
Naghma married Habib and together they spent a long, blissful married life.
Unfortunately, things did not work out in the long run and it resulted in their separation.
As for her films, she almost always seems to find a niche that needs filling. Below are three examples:
'Pind dilairaan da', Naghma- Habib played the lead roles.
'Bala gajar', Naghma -Habib appeared in key roles.
'Chan tara', director, M. J. Rana, Naghma- Habib played the lead roles.
In times due course, Naghma was not the only Punjabi film actress any longer. Because she had to face stiff competition from Firdous and Aasia.
Confidant of her acting prowess, Naghma moved boldly and faced every new challenge with courage and fortitude.
'I have always delighted most in my work in movies', Naghma once remarked.
Movies like the three below propelled Naghma to the topmost position:
'Jani dushman', Naghma- Sudhir.
'Seedha rasta', Naghma- Yusuf Khan.
'Punchi tay perdaisi', director, Altaf Husain.
In fact, Naghma side tracked her film career for a while, but resumed it again.
On her second coming, she appeared in exciting character roles.
The two films below, directed by Khalifa Saeed, could not succeed:
'Asghara', 'Intiqaam'.
Looking back at her long career in the Pakistani cinema, 1962- 2002, we come across sumptuous and stimulating movies.
Because she also acted fairly well in her later movies, her celebratory characters in the three movies below gripped the hearts of fans:
'Do nain sawali', 'Qadira', 'Qaasu'.
The innocence of her earlier movies was that they were served without much spice or shading.
Her successive films continued to attain popularity. The six films below pride themselves on their clever lyricism:
'Dil naal sajan day', 'Chaar khoon day piyasay', 'perdaisaan', 'Sohna jani', 'Daulat nay ghairat', 'Sajan bay perwah.'
Cine-goers take great delight in her movies, which has achieved the industry quality.
Such movies put Naghma's showbiz career on the upswing.
Below are four movies, which are a testament to her cinematic understanding:
'Yaar nibhanday yaar yaan', 'Bhain bhara', 'Deira sajna da', 'Pehla waar.'

What else can give us so much pleasure now and for years to come? Naghma's movies, of course!
Below are three examples of Naghma's dedication to her work:
'Ut Khuda da wair', 'Takay hoandiyan da pyar' and Naghma's production, 'Athro ik mutya day.'
She had been successful in most of her movies keeping viewers engaged in the romantic story.
Her intense, charismatic performance in the title role vaulted her to fame.
Below are three films whose stories managed to evoke interest among movie buffs:
'Maan bhar Awaan da', 'Sajan milday kadi kadi', 'Chore naalay chitar.'
According to a report published in the film magazine, 'Nigar', Naghma married director Aslam Irani.
Naghma's past performances are indisputably alive.
On the basis of that, the film critics have substantiated her performance over the years.
Her achievement in the three films below similarly was superlative:
'Insaaf ho to aisa', 'Zaiwar', 'Khul na'ik.'
Naghma, you have our eternal gratitude for delivering such a profound lesson in such an easy way.
Below are three examples of her profound lessons:
'Umar Mukhtar', 'Dil tera Aashiq', 'Mohabbat hai kya cheese.'
She worked with distinction in the films 'Chooriyaan' and 'Kaalay naag.'
Quality films like 'Barsaat ki raat' and 'Perdaisi' aspire to grandeur and seriousness.
The movies, on the other hand, maintain a professional consistency.
The success of movies like 'Dulha lay kar jaaoon gee' and 'Dopatta' is another chapter in Naghma's remarkable career.
Naghma, who is surrounded by a lifetime of memories, is as impressionable as ever.
She is 60 and looks it, but her spirit is much younger-ageless, in fact.
Her devoted admirers thoroughly enjoy recalling her movies of yester year.
That aside, Naghma does not actively participate in movies any longer.
Once in a while, she makes her presence felt as a supporting actress.
Nevertheless, the show goes on!

Our beloved Pakistan