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Nadeem: Above awards
By Anis Shakur

Nazeer Baig whom Pakistani's across the globe know as Nadeem, had a flair for music since the early 1960s, when he was studying in Islamia College, in sun-blessed Karachi, Pakistan.
He was extremely interested in becoming a singer; instead composer Sohail Rana took him to the silver screen.
Thus, Nadeem embarked upon a movie career and his first film, 'Chakori' was released in 1967, in former East Pakistan.
('Chakori', director: Captain Ehtesham, composer: Robin Ghosh, starring Nadeem, Shabana, status: Diamond jubilee).

'Chakori' not only proved to be a big-hit at the box office but it also highlighted Nadeem's immense acting potential.
In addition, 'Chakori' also set a precedent for other good movies.
In the same year, that is 1967, director Ehtesham's younger brother, Mustafeez, signed Nadeem and Shabana as a romantic pair in his film 'Chotay Saheb', which was released in former East Pakistan.
The film 'Chand aur chandni', which was released in 1968,in former East Pakistan, is a testament to Nadeem's artistic understanding. ('Chand aur chandni', director: Ehtesham, composer: Karim Shahabuddin, starring Nadeem, Shabana.
The film 'Quli'director, Mustafeez, composer, Ali Husain, stars, Nadeem, Shabana, released in former East Pakistan.
Dedicated artist and dashing heartthrob of the film 'Fasana-e-dil', Nadeem incites the pride and passion of Pakistan, both at home and abroad:
'Fasana-e-dil': Director, Zafar Shabab, Nadeem, and Deeba.

'Daman ki Aag': Director, Zafar Shabab, Nadeem, Deeba.

'Deewangi': Director, Zafar Shabab, Nadeem, and Deeba.
Nadeem's fame knew no bounds and in 1968, he migrated to what was then West Pakistan, where the film producers and directors had been impatiently waiting to cast him in their movies.
Movies like 'Daagh' lend the agog moviegoer believability.
('Daagh', director, Ehtesham, stars, Nadeem, Shabana, released in 1969, in former East Pakistan)
Shabab Kiranvi's son, Zafar Shabab, selected Nadeem for his movie, 'Sungdil', opposite Deeba and Rozina and which undoubtedly appealed to the audiences.
'Sungdil' was also the debut movie for Masood Akhtar, who played the role of a villain.
Both audiences and critics alike equally cherish the film 'Anari'. ('Anari'1969, director, Mustafeez, Nadeem, Shabana, released in former East Pakistan)

In 1974, while Nadeem was residing in Pakistan, director Ehtesham, Nadeem's father-in-law, flew to Pakistan from Bangladesh, to visit his son-in-law, daughter Farzana (Nadeem's wife) and his grandson (Nadeem's son).
During his stay in Pakistan, Ehtesham directed Nadeem's production, film 'Mitti kay putlay'.
In 1984, Nadeem went back to Bangladesh to work in Ehtesham's movie, 'Basayra', opposite Shabana.
Nadeem, who is largely recognized as an insignia of success, radiates pride in the choices he has made:
The film 'Shama' director, Nazar Shabab (Zafar Shabab's brother), Stars, Nadeem, Deeba.

The film 'Badaltay mausum' director, Nazar Shabab, stars, Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Khoobsoorat' director, Nazar Shabab, stars, Nadeem, Shabnam.
His movies are usually watched with the premise that good triumphs over bad.
Behind Nadeem's extraordinary achievement is a remarkable inspiration of his mentor, Sohail Rana and Ehtesham:
The film 'Mun ki jeet' director, Shabab Kiranvi, Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Daman aur chingari' director, Shabab Kiranvi, Nadeem, Zeba.

The film' Insaan aur farishta' director, Shabab Kiranvi, Nadeem, Deeba.

The film 'Mohabbat aik kahani' director, Shabab Kiranvi, Nadeem, Kavita.

The film 'Unmol Mohabbat' director, Shabab Kiranvi, Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Lajawab' director, Shabab Kiranvi, Nadeem, Babra Sharif.
The audience was still expanding and the time had come in Nadeem's acting career when film buffs had to concede: 'This guy had it all.'
Nadeem feels complacent by the fact that his hard work affects millions of his fans the world over.
Here is a more fulsome tribute: Nadeem have proved time and again that he is simply unchallenged.
Also, the mere fact that he has always kept himself away from scandals relegates him to the greatest film personalities of the Indo-Pak subcontinent.
S.Sulaiman directed following movies:
The film 'Society' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Tera gham rahay salamat' Nadeem, Nisho.

The film 'Intezaar' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Miss hippi' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Bhool' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Gumrah' Nadeem, Nisho.

The film 'Anara' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Zanjeer' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'Prince' Nadeem, Babra.
Praise bestowed on Nadeem will obviously go a long way to ameliorate the future cinema of Pakistan.
Nadeem definitely has a resolution and an edge over most of the film actors of his time and his predecessors, as well.
'By the grace of God, the movie career has given me name, fame and money', he mused, with a gleam in his eye.
The film 'Ungaray' director, Fareed Ahmed, stars, Nadeem, Shamim Ara.
The film 'Suhaag' director, Fareed Ahmed, stars, Nadeem, Shamim Ara, Zia Mohyedin.
Being there for his co-workers, gives him a phenomenal edge. As impressionable as ever, Nadeem is known to stir interest in the genre among Pakistani youth.
Given here below are movies which were directed by Mohammad Javed Fazil:
The film 'Saima' Nadeem, Babra, Shabnam ('Saima' was the re-make of the film 'Salma')

The film 'Aahut' Nadeem, Waheed Murad, Shabnam.

The film 'Dehleez' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film ' Lazawal' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film ' Hum say hai zamana' Nadeem, Rozina, Meena Kashi (from Nepal)

The film 'Naraz' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film 'faisala' Nadeem, Shabnam.

The film ' Kundan' Nadeem, Babra.

The film ' Zid na kara' Nadeem, Babra.

The film 'Bazar-e-Husn' Nadeem, Salma Agha, Samina Peerzada.

The film 'Ustadoan kay ustaad.'

The film 'Aulad ki Qasam.'
Probably the experience that leaves the deepest and most indelible impression comes from films like:
'Anila', directed by Raza Meer, starring Nadeem, Deeba.

'Parayee Aag' directed by Raza Meer, starring Nadeem, Shamim Ara.

'Unhoni' directed by Raza Meer, starring Nadeem, Neeli.
Sobriety, co-operation and compassion lingered and was very much part of his life. His fans take great delight to applaud him on his long, fabulous career.
As one admirer puts it: 'Nadeem creaves crowds, wherever he goes.
Mentioned here below are three movies which were directed by M.A.Rasheed:
'Meri adalat' Nadeem, Sachoita, Nutan. (Foreign artists)
'Panah' Nadeem, Sahiba.

'Qatil ki talaash.'
Given here below are movies which were directed by Hasan Tariq:
'Behan bhai' Nadeem, Deeba.

'Shama aur perwana' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Baheesht' Nadeem, Nisho.

'Sungdil' (New) Nadeem, Babra.
Film like 'Behan bhai' facilitated his movie career and it is a must-see movie, as well.
K.Khursheed directed the following movies:
'Nazneen' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Chiragh kahan roshni kahan' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Aao pyar karain' Nadeem, Deeba, Rozina.

'Farz aur mamta' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Umang' Nadeem, Nazaan Saanchi.
The film 'Chiragh kahan roshni kahan' is not only an instance of the creative minds of our film industry but also an unabashed call to attract moviegoers from all walks of life.
The fans of Nadeem are a witness to the height of his artistry. Hence they are hooked and they have been ever since:
The film 'Aansoo' directed by S.A. Bukhari, starring Nadeem, Deeba, Firdous, Shahid. ('Aansoo' was the first film of actor Shahid.)
The film 'Dou Aansoo' directed by S.A.Bukhari, starring Nadeem, Shabnam, Deeba, and Nayyar Sultana.
Nadeem, the perennial favorite of countless cine-goers will long be remembered for his graceful appearance in the film 'Pehchaan.'
Pervez Malik directed the following thirteen movies:
'Pehchaan' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Sacchai' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Talaash'Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Pakeeza' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Hum dauno' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Rishta'Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Qurbani' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Kamiabi' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Gum naam' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Shabana' Nadeem, Babra.

'Meherbani' Nadeem, Babra.

'Saughaat' Nadeem, Rozina.

'Shehzada' Nadeem, Babra.
Reality-written script for the film 'Haar gaya insaan' is yet another example of Nadeem's exhilarating and wonderful acting. ('Haar gaya insaan', director, S.M.Yusuf. Stars, Nadeem, Mumtaz)
Nazaral Dada directed the following nine movies:
'Ehsaas' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Shararat' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Aa'ena' Nadeem, Shabnam. ('Aa'ena' won 12 Nigar awards and that record was broken by the mega hit movie, 'Chooriyaan')

'Bandish' Nadeem, Shabnam.

'Amber' Nadeem, Mumtaz.

'Aangan' Nadeem, Babra.

'Deewanay dou' Nadeem, Babra.

'Barood ki chaaon'Nadeem, Kavita.

'Aandhi' Nadeem, Shabana.
Lyrics in the film 'Ehsaas' are good enough to be devoured, memorized and insinuated into daily conversation.
Iqbal Kaashmiri directed the following five movies:
'Mukhra (punjabi film) Nadeem, Babra.

'Tees maar khan' Nadeem, Nadira.
'International luteray' Nadeem, Saima.

 'Jo dar gaya wo mar gaya' Nadeem, Atiqa Odho.

'Mummi' Nadeem, Atiqa Odho.
There are quite a number of films like 'Mukhra' which have been emblazoned in the mind of the fans.
His admirers not only regard him as an indispensable figure of the Pakistani film industry but also as one of the pillars of our social life, a delightful companion to the life of the 21-century Pakistan and an endlessly fascinating personality in his own right.
Syed Noor directed the following three movies:

'Deewanay teray pyar kay'

'Dopatta jal raha hai'
Nadeem loses himself in his work and he has always done justice to it. A quick example is the film 'Play boy', which was directed by Shamim Ara, starring Nadeem, Babra.
We are indebted to his well-spent life and to the assiduity with which he performed his role in innumerable Pakistani movies.
Sangeeta directed the following seven movies:
'Ishq Ishq' Nadeem, Kavita.

'Mutthi bhar chawal' Nadeem, Sangeeta, Kavita.

'Mehendi lagi meray haath.' Nadeem, Sangeeta, Kavita.

'Mehel meray sapno ka' Nadeem, Kavita.

'Mian bewe razi' Nadeem, Kavita.

'Thori see baywafai' Nadeem, Kavita.

'Taqat ka toofan' Nadeem, Salma Agha.
Nadeem had the rare honor to won the maximum number of Nigar awards, eighteen altogether.
After bestowing the eighteenth Nigar award to him, the Nigar award committee came to the conclusion that Nadeem is peerless, that Nadeem's brilliant acting is above all awards.
Besides, to present an award to him is to undermine his superfluous art.
Given here below is a list of Nadeem's Nigar awards:
The film 'Chakori' 1966.

The film 'Ehsaas' 1972.

The film 'Anari' 1975.

The film 'Aa'ena' 1977.

The film 'Pakeeza' 1979.

The film 'saima' 1980.

The film 'Qurbani' 1981.

The film 'Sungdil' 1982.

The film 'Dehleez' 1983.

The film 'La zawal' 1984.

The film 'Naraaz' 1985.

The film 'Faisala'1986.
The film 'Choroan ki baraat' 1987.

The film 'Mukhra' (Punjabi) 1988.

The film 'Barood ki chaoon' 1989.

The film 'Watan kay rakhwalay' 1991.

The film 'Gori deyaan jhanjharaan' 1992.
Further, apart from receiving eighteen Nigar awards, Nadeem had been declared to be the winner of this prestigious award continuously for eleven years in a row, which itself is a feat that has never been and might never be seen in the annals of the Pakistan film industry.
Lately, Nadeem have appeared in character actor roles in the films.
Most recently, he gained a lot of appreciation in the Pakistan television's drama serial 'Besaat'.
Perhaps, one of these days, Nadeem will decide to quit, and then the absence of his larger-than life silver screen image will definitely leave a cavernous hole, which may never be filled again.
Scores of movies which affirms unimpeachable integrity of Nadeem as an actor of the highest repute would certainly stand as a beacon to young, enthusiastic men and women to guarantee that the beacon they would lit would survive.

Our beloved Pakistan