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Master Abdullah

Music: The art of arts

Master Abdullah: The person inside

By Anis Shakur

Years ago, Hazrat Inayat Khan, founder of the sufi order in the west, said: ‘Our mind and our body, the nature in which we live, the nature that has made us, all that is beneath and around us, it is all music. We are close to all this music, and live and move and have our being in music.

The above phrases holds too true to the soothing music of master Abdullah. Master Abdullah must have taken it as the voice of destiny when renowned movie director, Anwar Kamal Pasha, offered him to compose songs for his movie.

Thus, master Abdullah debuted in Anwar Kamal Pasha’s 1962 film ‘Sooraj mukhi.’ Master Abdullah authoritatively composed the song, ‘O moray goray goray Raja.’ Duet, Aireen Perveen- Baatish, the film ‘Sooraj mukhi.’

The perennial favorite below is a testament to master Abdullah’s extraordinary compositions:

‘O deikho Aaya ray,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Sooraj mukhi.’

Master Abdullah had everyone under his spell. Example, the song ‘Ye jeena kya jeena hai,’ singer Noor Jehan, movie director Rasheed Akhter’s 1964 film ‘Wah bhi wah.’

In reality, master Abdullah was the straw that stirs the drink. It was all about master Abdullah. Example, the song ‘Janay wali cheese ka gham kya karein.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Wah bhi wah.’

Thus, with his lilting music, master Abdullah embarked on a mission of unrequited love.

The films like ‘Malangi,’ has an enduring quality, so is its songs. With songs like ‘Mahi way sanu bhul na jaween,’ master Abdullah left behind the unmistakable taste of sincerity. Singer, Noor Jehan, movie director, Rasheed Akhter, the film ‘Malangi,’ December 14, 1965, pictured on Firdous.

Pursuing tragic tunes or merry music, master Abdullah was equally bold and bodacious. Two examples below:

‘Khana day khan prohnay koi gharib da,’ singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Malangi.’

‘Uth majhay diya sher jawana,’ singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Malangi.’

With the passage of time, master Abdullah progressed steadily, which led to quality music. Two examples below:

‘Chhad chali babula, terian mein galian,’ singer Mala, the film ‘Malangi.’

‘Hara way charh kothay tay uder kaan kadi Aaja tu,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Malangi.’

Master Abdullah was well-known for his alacrity and skill, as is evident in this song,’ ‘Ballay ballay, bhei lokan bhanay chann charhya.’ Singer, Mala, the film ‘Malangi.’

Our admiration and gratitude are endless. Master Abdullah was truly the guiding light of our lives. Rather so many lives. Fans will always cherish the memory of master Abdullah, especially when they listen to the three songs below:

‘Ik boota ambi da, ghar saday laya ni.’ Singer, Nazeer Begum, movie director, Sharif Nayyar, the film ‘Lado,’ August 26, 1966.

‘Ki bharosa dam da a duniya fani,’ duet, Mala- Masood Rana, the film ‘Lado,’

‘Shhikkar do peher pipli de thallay mein,’ Noor Jehan, the film ‘Lado.’

The images of those artists and pioneers still live in our hearts. The list of master Abdullah’s songs that have become standards goes on and on. Below are three examples:

‘Mein ballay ballay haseya di pand kuriye.’ Duet, Noor Jehan- Nazeer Begum, the film ‘Lado.’

‘Teray duwaray saveen singa wala,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Lado.’

‘Kehray rahay paya e sanu dilla mar janea,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Lado.’

Many of master Abdullah’s admirers become very emotional when it comes to sad songs like ‘Dang pyar da seenay tay khakay.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Lado.’

Master Abdullah was successful in all instances. Example, ‘Nachdian jhanjhran tay nachda a jee,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Lado.’

It is hard to find the word to describe the nature of master Abdullah’s music. But sublime comes pretty close. One example below:

‘Kuchh Aahein hain kuchh Aansu hain,’ singer, Mehdi Hasan, movie director, Baba Qalander’s film ‘Zindigi,’ 1968.

With solace, master Abdullah captivated the hearts of his adorers. The outcome was simply outstanding. Below are two examples:

‘Mil gaye thandak nigahoan ko,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Zindigi.’

‘Tu jan-e-Aarzu hai,’ singer, Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Zindigi.’

As one listens to the song below, one feels a magical moment that may happen only once in an entire lifetime—like sledding on glass in the starlight—is held in memory forever:

‘Jan-e-mann itna bata do mohabbat hai kya,’ singer, Runa Laila, movie director, Jafar Malik, pictured on Rani, the film ‘Commander,’ August 9, 1968.

Master Abdullah’s musical masterpieces are the jewel of the Pakistani cinema. Below are two tragic scores:

‘Jawab day bewafa zamanay,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Commander.’

‘Aankhoan mein ashk, dard hai dil mein bhara hua,’ singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Commander.’

Master Abdullah, who had a natural instinct for music, came out with superfluous compositions in the romantic number below:

‘Mera mehboob hai, ya jaan-e-bahar Aaya hai,’ duet, Runa Laila- Masood Rana, the film ‘Commander.’

Fans revel in their delight as they listen to the song, ‘Teray pyar da mein lata nazara,’ duet, Noor Jehan- Mujeeb Alam, movie director, Raja Hafeez’s 1970 film ‘Rangu jatt.’

Through sustained efforts, master Abdullah came up with more magnificent compositions like the two songs below:

‘Jo gaya dil moh liya,’ movie director, Iqbal Kashmiri’s 1970 debut film ‘Taxi driver,’ singer, Noor Jehan.

‘Izzataan walio jo gaya,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Taxi driver.’

Touched by the magic of the songs, the music lovers did not find appropriate words with which to applaud master Abdullah. Example, the song ‘Mein kholaan kehtiri kitaab nu,’ singer, Mala, movie director Iqbal Kashmiri, the film ‘Babul,’ June 18, 1971.

The public kept clamoring to hear master Abdullah’s magical masterpieces like the two below:

‘Tu phul tay mein khushbu,’ singer, Runa Laila, the film ‘Babul.’

‘Lailo meray khadonay, qeemat sab dee,’ singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Babul.’

To many who knew him, master Abdullah seemed to had knowledge and depth of understanding beyond his years. Example, the song ‘Mera dilbar mera dildaar toon ween,’ singer, Tasawwar Khanum, director, Iqbal Kashmiri’s film ‘Jaagday rehna.’

Enchanted with the melody, the music buffs are all praise for master Abdullah’s resplendent composition below:

‘Chal challiye duniya dee us nukray jithay banda na banday dee zaat huay.’ Duet, Mehdi Hasan- Noor Jehan, the film ‘Duniya paisay di,’ February 7, 1971. Movie director, Fayyaz Sheikh.

Music had been master Abdullah’s passport to the world since his earlier days. As always, thanks to the poise and intelligence master Abdullah displayed in the three songs below:

‘Uthway mana waan tainu, naaz dekhawan,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Duniya paisay de.’

‘Sohniya khair pyar di,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Duniya paisay de.’

‘Koi lakh karay inkar duniya paisay di a yaar,’ singer, Mehdi Hasan, the film ‘Duniya paisay de.’

Over and above, master Abdullah was an adornment to the world of music. As usual, master Abdullah composed the two songs below with verve and vivacity:

‘Baliye chal pind nu chaliye,’ singer, Inayat Husain Bhatti, the film ‘Duniya paisay de.’

‘Jadun we koi pyar panda,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Duniya paisay de.’

All life is rhythm. The absence of rhythm is death. Master Abdullah’s ability to devote unswerving attention to his task brought huge success to him. Three examples below:

‘Koi nith nith pyar jataway,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Nizaam,’ November 9, 1972, producer, G. Haider.

‘Dil tutda tay ronda Aasmaan, takia pyar dholda na.’ Singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Nizaam.’

‘Akhi pakay kajra dee dori mein ban gei hor kurio,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Nizaam.’

As a composer of the highest grade, master Abdullah’s craftsmanship seemed effortless in the two music compositions below:

‘Jind tarakdi a akh pharakdi a,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Nizaam.’

‘Dil kawe mahi waley chhaiti chhaiti jawan,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Nizaam.’

Moreover, master Abdullah found an immaculate unanimity of tone with his lyricists. Two examples below:

‘Teray pichhay pichhay aana, assaa pyar nibhana,’ duet, Mehdi Hasan- Noor Jehan, the film ‘Nizaam.’

‘Sajna di deen lei marna qabool a,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Nizaam.’

Some of master Abdullah’s highly successful musicals touched on the theme of romance in one way or another. Below are three heartfelt little melodies:

‘Way chhad meri weeni na maroar,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Ziddi,’ January 16, 1973, movie director, Iqbal Kashmiri.

‘Teray naal naal naal way mein rehna,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Ziddi.’

‘Akhian way rateen son na dendian,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Ziddi.’

The listeners enthusiastically belt out well-loved songs from the movie ‘Shareef badmash,’ like the two below:

‘Meri toar kabotar wargi,’ singer, Noor Jehan, movie director, Iqbal Kashmiri, the 1975 film ‘Shareef badmash.’

‘Mein na jamdi dhola mein na jamdi,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Shareef badmash.’

The songs like this one have been around quite a while, ‘Raat ka pichhla peher hai.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, movie director, G. Haider’s 1975 film ‘Badal gaya insaan.’

Master Abdullah’s way, as music composer, he had come completely into his own. His music compositions were apt to be memorable in director Altaf Husain’s 1976 film ‘Jawan tay maidaan.’ Below are three examples:

‘Ainj lazzat meray shabab di,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Jawan tay maidaan.’

‘Din khushiyaan da Aaya,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Jawan tay maidaan.’

‘Maar seeta way teri judai nay,’ singer, Afshan, the film ‘Jawan tay maidaan.’

Master Abdullah was the kindred spirit to millions of cine-goers and rightly so. He was superlative in his particular brand of sentimentality. Two examples below:

‘Ye safar teray meray pyar ka,’ duet, Mehnaz- Mehdi Hasan, movie director Nazar –ul-Islam’s 1978 film ‘Sheeshay ka ghar.’

‘Teray roop ka pujari,’ singer, Asad Amanat Ali, the film ‘Sheeshay ka ghar.’

Master Abdullah’s music was hard and complicated to make, but he did a tough job so well. His music will find listeners as long as the ‘eternal enigma’ tugs hearts. Master Abdullah achieved lofty heights through songs like the two below:

‘Babul teri meri chhoo', duet, Noor Jehan- Mehdi Hasan, the film ‘Qismat,’ June 20, 1985, movie director, Iqbal Kashmiri.

‘Ammi di mein pyari tay babul teri,’ duet, Mehnaz- Mehdi Hasan, the film ‘Qismat.’

Master Abdullah won the Nigar Award for best music composer in the 1973 film ‘Ziddi.’

Master Abdullah left for the eternal journey on February 1, 1994, in Lahore.

Master Abdullah is no longer with us. His music continues to recharge and enrich us and makes our time on this planet more meaningful, significant and, yes, musical. End

Master Abdullah also composed music for the films below:

‘Ik see chore,’ 1965.

‘Imam Din Gohavia,’ 1967.

‘Waaris,’ 1971.

‘Rangi,’ 1974.

‘Shehenshah,’ 1974.

‘Her fun mola,’ 1974.

‘Delair Khan,’ 1974.

‘Akh lari bado badi,’ 1976.

‘Kashmakash,’ 1979.

‘Rustum,’ 1981.

‘Maidaan,’ 1982.

‘Heera pathar,’ 1983.

‘Dil maa da,’ 1984.

‘Ziddi Khan,’ 1985.

‘Choroan ka badshah,’ 1988.

‘Pyar dee nishani,’

‘Haji Khokhar,’

‘Notano salaam,’

Our beloved Pakistan