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Pakistani cinema


Firdous: Patience and persistence
By Anis Shakur
Confident, amiable, cute-Firdous was a young, up-and-coming, tall, well-built girl in the early 1960s who echoed a quality most seem to have forgotten-being real.
Because of that, and a rarely perfected talent of enormous magnitude, she brought her interesting character 'compassion' not only to life, but also into the hearts and minds of innumerable admirers for many years.
Gorgeous and strong, Firdous made her movie debut in a 1963 film called 'Fanoos', which was director Nakhshab Jaar Chori's first film in Pakistan. Komal and Salman Peerzada played the lead roles. Firdous appeared in a supporting role.
Despite Nakhshab's huge investment and effort, 'Fanoos' could not succeed at the box office.
Considering her appearance, Firdous was most appropriate to fill in the character of a villager. Hence, she was widely known as 'Maajhay dee Jatti'.
Additionally, in the presence of actresses Naghma and Shireen, it became increasingly difficult for Firdous to make her mark in the then Pakistani cinema.
Firdous's second film was Shabab productions, 'Malangi', 1965, was also a failure. Starring, Firdous- Shireen- Akmal, Mazhar Shah.
Director Jafar Bukhari's film 'Heer Siyal', 1965 with Firdous- Akmal in the lead roles, too, was a flop.
Bad luck, the three films below could not achieve success:
Director Riaz Ahmed's 'Ghaddar', Saloni played the lead, while Firdous appeared in a supporting role.

Director Ashfaq Malik's film 'Laai lag' Alauddin played the title role opposite Firdous.

Director Saleem Ashraf's film 'Jhanjhar'; Firdous- Habib played the lead roles.
It took Firdous a fair amount of time to succeed in the movie scene. But she neither lost hope nor heart. We need to take life as it comes. When things get tough, you have to hang in there and believe they will get better. Take the next step and don't give up. That is all Firdous did at that point in life and time.
Director Haider Chaudhry's film 'Nachay nagin baajay been' achieved success at the movie theater. At last, Firdous took a sigh of relief. Rani- Saloni were in lead roles, while Firdous played the supporting role.
Threaded through the scripts are tales about Pakistani culture, which are written with the ingenuity and passion that is synonymous with our film writers.
Director M.J.Rana's film 'Mun mauji' was a big hit. Shireen played the lead While Firdous was cast as a supporting actress. Thus, M.J.Rana took the genre to another level with an astonishing vision. Moreover, Firdous became an actress for the generations.
After a few weeks, director Rasheed Akhtar's film 'Malangi was released and became a super hit. Noor Jehan's popular number, 'Chana day saano bhul na jaa yain' is still fresh in the minds of music buffs.
In her eventful movie career, Firdous acted in approximately 175 movies. Firdous and her cast mates made the future films a success. Though some of the film stories borrow a plot or two from the fabulous fables of the past.
Firdous continued to flourish as a star and offered convincing performances in the three movies below:
'Watan ka sipahi', 1966, Firdous- Mohammad Ali.
Super hit film 'Mirza Jatt', 1967, Firdous- Ejaz.

Director Waheed Dar's film, 'Chacha Jee', 1967, Firdous- Akmal- Alauddin.
At the height of her film career, Firdous married actor Akmal and owned 'Firdous market' near Gulberg, Lahore as well.
In times due course, Firdous took divorce from Akmal and married filmmaker, sheikh Nazeer Husain. Akmal could not endure the tragic separation and died a little later in 1967.
Through hit movies like the three below, Firdous renewed the spirit in our lives:
The film 'Roti', 1968, cast, Firdous- Akmal- Asad- Tariq Aziz.

'The film 'Genterman', 1969, Firdous- Habib.
The film 'Dillan day sauday', 1969, golden jubilee, Firdous- Ejaz.
Director Masood Pervez asked Firdous to act in his mega-hit film 'Heer Ranjha', 1970. It was an eye-widening offer. Firdous agreed to play the title role of 'Heer', and what a perfect choice! Firdous played her part to the hilt and Ejaz was dubbed as 'Ranjha'.
Once you have seen 'Heer Ranjha', everything else pales in comparison. That was one of the great acting achievements of Firdous's life. One feels only 50% is on the screen.
Likewise, the platinum jubilee film, 'Maa puttar', 1970, Firdous- Sudhir, proved both its breadth and its depth.
Firdous's acting is so dazzling; she transforms it into memorable Pakistani entertainment. A case in point is the 1970 super hit movie, 'Duniya matlab di', Firdous- Inayat Husain Bhatti.
Firdous contributed wholesomely to what is known as movie making and its impact on the moviegoers is incredible. What could be a better example of her artistic talents other then the 1971 super hit film 'Aansu'. Firdous- Deeba- Nadeem. The film 'Aansu' is intent on draining our tear ducts.
Like the character she plays in the film 'Ziddi', 1973, opposite Yusuf khan, Firdous appeared to be an admirable star. She triumphed over roles in movies like 'Banarasi thugg', 1973, Firdous- Ejaz.

Also, Firdous added zest to such hits like director M.J.Rana's films 'Baau jee.'
Her later movies like the two below holds interest, thanks to her fiercely committed and convincing performance as a lead actress:
'Maa da lal', 1974, Firdous- Habib.
'Zindigi tay tufaan', 1975, Firdous- Yusuf, Ejaz.
Firdous earned the Nigar Award for best actress in the film 'Heer Ranjha' in 1970.
Firdous earned the Nigar Award for best actress in the film 'Aansu' in 1971
Firdous earned the Nigar Award for best actress in the film 'Ziddi' in 1973.
Reverting to her personal life, Firdous's son was married to Nisho's daughter. Firdous retired from the show business years ago.
Her movies are like a time castle. You enter the castle and forget everything else around you. Perhaps, this is what keeps her movies alive.

Our beloved Pakistan