Mujeeb Alam

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Mujeeb Alam

Mujeeb Alam: Music first
By Anis Shakur
Duniya walo tumhari duniya mein
Jeena seekha naheen abhi hum nay
Her qadam per faraib khaya hai
Lut tay deikhi hai her khushi hum nay
Mujeeb Alam lived in the long shadow of highly successful Pakistani singers in the mid 1960s. However, soon he made his own distinct way into the world of music.
Mujeeb Alam was born in Mianwali, Punjab, in 1948.
Essentially he was a very humorous person. He loved to exchange jokes and made friends easily. Further, he had that rare ability to be with some one in their best or worst moments. Additionally, he had a certain hale and heartiness, which was the cornerstone of his personality.
The song which brought overnight fame for him was 'Wo meray samnay tasweer banay baithay hain, meray her khwab ki tabeer banay baithay hain.' Film, 'Chakori', 1967, director, Ehtesham, composer, Robin Ghosh, Mujeeb won the Nigar Award for best singer for this song.
Likewise, all the songs in the film 'Shama Aur Perwana', which were recorded in Mujeeb's resonant voice proved to be super-hits. Listed below are three songs of 'Shama Aur Perwana', sung by Mujeeb:
'Mein teiray ajnabi sheher mein.'
'Dil teiri yaad mein jab ghabra-e- ga.'
'Mein teira sheher chore jaa-oon ga.'
Music is for the soul, and it brings salvation from the rigors of modern day life. Two more songs of 'Shama Aur Perwana' are listed below:
'Meray saathi dil mera tujh ko.'
'Baadaloan kay talay hum.'
Music recharges and enriches us and makes our time on this planet more meaningful, significant and, yes, musical. A seemingly endless procession of a genre of songs in the voice of Mujeeb appeared in the years to follow. Below are three examples:
'Bujhay na dil raat ka.' Film, 'Ghar apna ghar.' 1968.
'Thaki, thaki see zindigi.' Film, 'Aawara.'
'Khuda kabhi na karay.' Film, 'Anjaan.'
Whether it be a song with a promising note like 'Tum nay wada kiya tha Aanay ka' Film, 'Maan beta', 1969, or a song with a sarcastic message like 'Mein khushi say kyon na gaa-oon.' Film, 'Lori.' Mujeeb performed brilliantly in all situations.
Moreover, Mujeeb was also highly successful in romantic scores. Take, for instance, the following two songs:
'Khuda nay husn diya bay mesaal tujhay.' Film, 'Hatim tai.'
'Yoon kho gaye teiray pyar mein hum.' Film, 'Afsana', 1970.
In fact, we are close to all this music, and live and move and have our being in music. Below are two songs in the voice of Mujeeb Alam:
'Koi ja kar unsay keh dey hamay yoon na Aazma yein.' Film, 'Jalwa.'
'Hai bay qaraar tamanna, zara theher jao.' Film, 'Meray hum safar.'
Mujeeb always sang with the ingenuity and passion that is synonymous with his name. Below are two more examples:
'Zara tum he so cho, bechar kay ye milna.' Film, 'Dil dey kay deikho.'
'Kisi kay bay chayn dil ki dharkan.' Film, 'Mein kahan, manzil kahan.'
Here is a song, which depicts a son's profound love for his mother:
'Aye maan teiri surat kay Aagay.' Film, 'Quli', Mujeeb won the Nigar Award for best singer for this song.
Another noteworthy song is 'Qasam us waqt ki, jab zindigi karwat badalti hai.' Film, 'Qasam us waqt ki.'
An example of Mujeeb's tragic number: 'Duniya walo tumhari duniya mein.' Film, 'Saughaat.'
In his illustrious singing career Mujeeb recorded songs with almost all great female singers of his time and all those duets were mega-hits. Three memorable duets appear here below:
'Hari, hari ruth aye sawan ki' Film, 'Mein zinda hoon.' Mujeeb - Mala.
'Mujhay jaan say bhi pyara.' Film, 'Dil lagi.' Mujeeb - Noor Jehan.
'Kiya dil ruba hain nazaray.' Film, 'Wehshi', Mujeeb - Aa'ereen Perween.
Mujeeb contributed wholesomely to what is known as playback singing, and its impact on the music buffs is incredible. What could be a better example of his artistic talents other then the three songs below?
'Meri zindigi kay raaz daan.' Film, 'Taan Sain', Mujeeb - Aa'ereen Perveen.

'Pyar ki rahoan mein' Film, 'Shohar', Mujeeb - Mala.

'Kho gaya na janay kyon' Film, 'Punchi baanwara', Mujeeb - Naheed Niazi.
It was motivation, determination and a gift from God; Mujeeb had it to an amazing degree. Remarkable songs like the three below inspired some of our favorite movies:
'Qadmoan mein rak kay' Film, 'Wasiyat' Mujeeb - Naseem Begum.
'Kho gaye tum kahan' Film, 'Jungli phool' Mujeeb -  Naheed Niazi.
'Apni bikhri huee' Film, 'Naaz, Mujeeb - Mala.
Mujeeb established his national reputation, and his popularity skyrocketed, and extended beyond his life to considerable extent.
Below are two examples of the wistful magic of Mujeeb:
'Meray dilbar o meray', Film, 'Aman', Mujeeb - Runa Laila.
'Chore kar chali ho', Film, 'Taqdeer kahan lay Aaye', Mujeeb - Mala.
The songs catapulted Mujeeb into enormous fame and he remained one of the music industries most sought after singer for an extended period of time. Below are two examples of his versatility:
'Tu chanda hai mera' Film, 'Bay Qusoor', Mujeeb - Runa Laila.
'Zindigi bhar mujhay Aarzu' Film, 'Jawab do', Mujeeb - Mala.
Mujeeb was Mujeeb's lifelong love. He kept improving his voice with the passage of time. He was resplendent in slow numbers as well. Below are three examples:
'Urta hua waqt thaam lo, saathi na ho jaa-e- shaam' Film, 'Aman' Mujeeb - Runa Laila.
'Saathi kahan ho, Aawaz to do, pal pal mera pyar pukaray' Film, 'Lakhoan mein aik' Mujeeb - Noor Jehan.

'Aaray, Aaray, dil kay saharay' Film 'Dosti' Mujeeb - Noor Jehan.
Mujeeb  resided in Block J, North Nazimabad, Karachi, for quite some time. Sadly enough, On Wednesday June 2, 2004, he suffered a heart attack in Karachi, which ended his life. He was 56 years of age.
The voice that enthralled and enticed innumerable people for three decades was silenced forever.

 Mujeeb Alam is no longer with us. But his immortal solos and poignant duets, some of which portray the twists and turns of life, will continue to attract a myriad of listeners for many more years.

Our beloved Pakistan