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Habib: Fun of a lifetime
By Anis Shakur

Equipped with a double M.A., a lot of patience and highly refined etiquettes, Habib embarked upon a movie career in the year 1956.
His film debut was 'Lakht-e-jigar', in which he appeared in a side role. ('Lakht-e-jigar', 1956, starring Santosh Kumar, Noor Jehan, Habib, Yasmeen.)
He did a wonderful job in the film ''Lakht-e-jigar', still the film could not fair well, because another Pakistani film,'Hameeda', was released a little earlier and 'Lakht-e-jigar' was left behind in the competition.
The stories of both 'Lakht-e-jigar' and 'Hameeda' were taken from the then Indian film 'Vachan'.
Habib's second film was 'Shohrat' in which he appeared as a hero. 'Shohrat':
Habib, Nasreen, Director: Nazeer Ajmeri.
The film 'Shohrat', too, could not gain much popularity.
Next, he played the lead role opposite Yasmeen in director Shareef Nayyar's hit film, 'Masoom'.
Afterwards, he gave an excellent performance in the super hit movie, 'Zeher-e-Ishq', starring Habib, Musarrat Nazeer, Director: Masood Pervez.
With the release of 'Zeher-e-Ishq', he was on his way to stardom. It was though both his career and his life were charmed.
It is said about Habib that he thinks a lot before buying anything, which is not a bad idea.
He married Pakistani film actress, Naghma. The marriage lasted for quite a while.
Habib's sustained efforts paid dividends and he worked in the hit movies like 'Aadmi', 'Gumrah' and 'Street Number 77'.
In reality, he was a shining example of one man making a big difference.
In his case, through the power of his personality, he played a decisive role making him a mega star.
The film 'Ayaz' took him one step up in the ladder of success. (Starring Habib, Sabiha Khanum)
Irrepressibly ambitious, Habib took tremendous interest in his profession.
His efforts took a new intensity and Habib proved his worth in the movie scene.
The film 'Surraiya': Habib, Nayyar Sultana, Director: Shabab Kiranvi, was a success.
The super hit movie, 'Mehtaab': Habib, Nayyar Sultana, Director: Shabab Kiranvi.
The film 'Mehboob': Yusuf Khan, Shamim Ara, Habib and Rani, Director: Anwer Kamal Pasha. 'Mehboob's script was similar to the Indian film 'Chaudween ka chand', directed by M.Sadiq.
The film 'Mehboob' could not achieve success.
Habib worked in the following years at a rapid pace.
As he moved ahead, he passed on his optimism and faith to the next generation:
The film 'Kala pani' and  'Inqilaab' brought more fame to him.
Habib's pride in his work soon caught the eye of other directors.
The film 'Saperan': Habib, Laila, Director: Dawood Chand.
The film 'Teen aur teen': Habib, Meena Shori.
The admiration and gratitude of his fans are endless.
He is truly the guiding light of so many lives.
His industriousness lead to one success after another:
The film 'Azmat-e-Islam': Habib, Sauran Lata.
The film 'Maan kay Aansoo': Habib, Nayyar Sultana.
The film 'Aulad': Habib, Nayyar Sultana, Waheed Murad, authoritatively directed by S.M.Yusuf.
The film 'Ghazala': Habib, Shamim Ara.
The film 'Waqt': Habib, Shamim Ara.
The film 'Mein nay kya jurm kya': Habib, Laila.
Habib's work reminds us of the spirit of renewal and adventure that is the core of our national heritage.
The outcome was simply outstanding:
The film 'Suhaag': Habib, Bahar.
The film 'Kala Aadmi': Habib, Neelo.
The film 'Haabu': Habib, Husna.
Overwhelmed by his ebullient personality, the film directors offered him more interesting roles for their up coming films:
The film 'Devdaas' achieved the industry quality. (Starring Habib, Shamim Ara, Nayyar Sultana, directed with plenty of zest by Khwaja Sarfaraz)
The film 'Sazish': Habib, Shamim Ara.
The films 'Jamila', 'Shukriya', 'Tum na maano' and 'Aakhri daao'.
The film crew was superlative during those days. In the endless list of hits are movies like:
'Maikhana', 'Head constable', 'Deewana'.
With his popularity at an all-time peak, he worked in the following movies:
'Aashiyana', 'Badal', and 'Ghar ka ujala'.
A seemingly endless procession of film releases appeared in the years to follow:
'Dil kay tukray', 'Maan ka pyar' and 'Zinda laash'.
The haunting dialogues and simple words lingered in our hearts, just as they have lingered in the hearts of people through out Pakistan:
The films 'Maujiza', 'Husn ka chore' and 'Nadira'.
Admirers will always cherish his memorable roles in the following films:
'Kaalay loag, 'Phool aur kaantay' and 'Faraib'.
He worked in the following years at a rapid pace and the following films speaks about his proverbial success:
'Choti see duniya', 'Pardase' and 'Eid Mubarak'.
Habib won the Nigar award for best actor in director Luqman's film 'Aadmi'.
He won the Nigar award for best actor in director Shabab Kiranvi's film 'Surraiya'.
Further, Habib did a character role of a father in the Pakistan television's drama serial 'Raahain', which was telecast from Lahore television station.
Furthermore, Habib also directed and produced two Sindhi films: 'Baaghi' and 'Allah Bachayo'.
Additionally, Habib is well known   for his roles in the Punjabi films, as well.
For the sake of records, some of his Punjabi films are mentioned here below:
Director Aslam Irani's film 'Mauj mela'.
Director Muzaffar Tahir's film 'Lahu dee Aag'.
Director M.J.Rana's film 'Jeedar'.
Habib lives a retired life nowadays.
But he has developed a reputation that precedes him.
Last but not the least, his fans should find solace in the fact that wonderful people like Habib do outnumber terrible people in this world.

Our beloved Pakistan